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A water-source heat pump system is extremely adaptable for office building applications.

Most office and commercial buildings contain constant internal heat sources which can be easily recovered. In order to attract tenants, owners and developers can offer reliability, individual year-round temperature control, a minimal first cost, low maintenance and operating costs, and working in a sustainable LEED building.

Here is an example of a water-source system in an office building and a geothermal system in an office building.

The water-source heat pump system also offers other tenant and owner advantages, such as:

  • Cost-effective upfront and high resale value
  • Quick installation and early return on investment.
  • Reliability
  • Minimal downtime in case of malfunction, due to decentralized approach.
  • Low maintenance
  • Efficiency and reduced operating costs
  • Great for LEED certification
  • Night setback controls for economy of operation.
  • Programmed daytime controls for energy savings.
  • Off-hour use controls for economy and convenience.
  • Flexibility in partitioning.
  • Space savings for more use by office equipment and people.
  • Quiet, comfortable operation.
  • Flexibility in design, allowing various spaces to be completed only as needed.
  • Separate metering.
  • Easy design.
  • Plus, an existing two-pipe fan coil system can easily be converted to a water-source heat pump system to provide the flexibility of simultaneous heating of some spaces and cooling of others which is impossible with the 2-pipe system.

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See all the other reasons why ClimateMaster water-source systems and geothermal systems maximize cost effectiveness and resale value.


The idea of individually zoned heating and cooling units has many great benefits. One of those benefits is dependability and provision for almost instant replacement in case of malfunction. The reliability of the equipment and its simplicity of operation automatically eliminates trouble of various kinds.

In addition, there is ClimateMaster’s regular testing of heat pump units during the manufacturing process and superior manufacturing standards.

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pumps systems.

Low Maintenance

Because of the nature of water-source and geothermal systems, and because of ClimateMaster’s commitment to reliability, ClimateMaster’s water-source and geothermal heat pumps require very little monitoring and maintenance – aside from routine filter changes.

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Efficiency and Reduced
Operating Costs

ClimateMaster has a solution for practically any office building application, and does so with some of the most energy-efficient HVAC systems available on the market today. In fact, all of ClimateMaster’s products either meet or exceed the new federal mandated efficiency minimums.

Today’s offices equipped with computers, copiers, servers and other office tools can dramatically affect the heating and cooling load of a given space. When considering heating and cooling loads, rising energy costs demand an HVAC system that is efficient while building designs require a system that is also flexible.

For example, a large computer center, areas with multiple computer workstations or server rooms can produce significant amounts of heat. This heat can be absorbed with a water-source heat pump system and reused in parts of the building or other buildings, where heat may be needed. In some cases, enough heat can be recovered from computers to heat an entire complex without the need for any additional heat sources.

This means lower energy costs and reduced operating costs for office tenants compared to traditional hvac systems.

Learn more about our geothermal system efficiency and water-source system efficiency.

Great for LEED Certification

Looking to design or engineer a high performance, sustainable building or achieve LEED certification? ClimateMaster’s HVAC systems can satisfy 85% of points needed for LEED certification.

In addition, our systems help create atmospheres that enhance worker health and job performance. For these reasons, more businesses than ever before are using high performance buildings to aid in recruiting and retaining the best employees.

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