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Case Studies

Available in both web site and PDF forms, our many case studies detail how the ClimateMaster heating and cooling system was installed and the unique challenges present in building that facility, anything from a university residence hall to a French restaurant, or 42-story tall condo tower to an elementary school. Here are all of our case studies.

Trade Shows

As ClimateMaster products include the latest in technology and energy efficiency, we travel nationally and internationally demonstrating and discussing our products. Check out which shows we will be at next!


With ever evolving technology and improvements to our product offering, there is always a need for educating our sales reps. In addition we offer courses around the country at American Institute of Architect Continuing Education Seminars to educate architects in geothermal heating and cooling and hybrid geothermal systems. See all of the commercial training that ClimateMaster offers.


At ClimateMaster, innovation never sleeps. As new advances are made, and new products are released, the need for accurate literature becomes critical. Every piece of technical literature that ClimateMaster produces is printed in our state-of-the-art on-demand printing facility. What this means is that we print only the literature we need at the time we need it. This ensures that only the most current and accurate data is in the field.


With tools that aid in everything from properly sizing equipment for a building to determine the noise level reaching a listener in a building equipped with ClimateMaster products to determine what equipment you need to achieve LEED status, ClimateMaster has an array of software tools available.

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