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The industry-first, iGate® – Information Gateway – 2-way communicating system allows users to interact with their geothermal system in plain English AND delivers improved reliability and efficiency by precisely controlling smart variable speed components. ClimateMaster units with iGate® are the easiest geothermal products to install and service.


The MultiProtoCol (MPC) Heat Pump controller is designed to allow the integration of water source heat pump equipment into DDC systems. The MPC Controller has the ability to communicate through a choice of three widely used protocols: BACnet MS/TP, Johnson Controls N2, and Modbus. The protocol of choice for the particular system is selected by simply configuring DIP switches on the MPC Controller. This flexibility allows one controller, the MPC, to be used in a multitude of buildings which use any of these three common protocols.


The CXM electronic control is a microprocessor based heat pump controller that is simple to use, yet provides all the necessary features to improve the operation and safety of water source heat pumps. Read more about our CXM control.

The DXM electronic control is a robust, microprocessor based heat pump controller that is advanced and feature-laden for maximum application flexibility. The DXM Control has all of the basic CXM control features plus additional inputs and outputs which allow for extensive system capability.

The DXM Control has relay outputs for Compressor, Fan, Fan Speed, Reversing V alve, Alarm Relay, and 2 configurable accessory outputs. There are 3 LED’s which provide status indication.

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