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HVAC for Government Facilities

Facilities managers for government and military buildings are trying more than ever to cut operating costs/improve energy efficiency and sustain comfort. Factor that in with the incredibly wide variety of building types to manage – army installations, capital buildings with large chamber rooms, administrative offices, educational facilities – and the necessity of energy efficiency can become even more challenging.

For these reasons, ClimateMaster commercial geothermal systems are the best choice for government and military facility applications. In addition, without the need for a boiler or cooling tower, geothermal systems save significant space and heating and cooling costs.

A geothermal system is one of the lowest cost systems to maintain and operate. Year after year, geothermal heat pump systems offer the high efficiency necessary to keep operating costs down. In fact, they offer a lower operating cost than most comparably zoned systems. The difference lies in the system’s ability to recover otherwise wasted energy and use it elsewhere in the facility. This dynamic, intelligent use of energy balances the needs of the entire facility while reducing operating costs.


I-70 Welcome Centers

When motorists take a break along Maryland’s I-70 westbound or east, they’ll be pleasantly surprised by the state-of-the-art welcome centers. Large, open spaces, upscale food, radiantly heated floors and ground-source air conditioning are making pit stops more comfortable. The state’s newest welcome centers – two buildings near each other, on opposite sides of the highway – use geothermal heating and cooling, including water-to-water heat for extensive radiant heat systems. The innovative approach contributed significantly in the winning of LEED Silver certifications for both rest area structures.

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Sonoma Water Agency

The Sonoma (Ca.) Water Agency sought an HVAC solution incorporating efficient and renewable energy sources as part of a renovation of it’s operations and maintenance building. A section of the 20,578 sq. ft. building that had previously been used for warehousing was remodeled into an office space, which required extension of the HVAC system into that area. The building’s existing 51-ton HVAC system, which included 9 packaged gas-electric rooftop units of various sizes, would have required additional equipment to support these renovations.

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Oklahoma Capital Building

For over ten years, the Oklahoma State Capitol has been one of the largest buildings in the world to be heated and cooled by geothermal energy. The six-floor, 400,000 square foot historical building was originally heated with steam and later, cooled with window air conditioning units. In the late ‘80s, a study was completed and determined that the geothermal would offer significant savings of 25% or more in operating costs and reduce CO2 emissions to practically zero.

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Sydney Water Police Station

In 2001, the New South Wales Department of Works and Services was charged with the task of designing a new headquarters for the Water Police and began looking at options for airconditioning systems. According to the department engineers, long-term building investments were best served by systems that provided maximum owning and operating paybacks.

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Fort Polk Army Installation

Fort Polk, the world’s largest installation of geothermal heat pumps, was funded by $18.9 million in private capital, with no investment by the federal government except for procurement and administrative costs. Private investors, through an ESCO (Energy Services Company), realized that GHPs inherently pay for themselves. The U.S. Army and the ESCO share the cost savings over the life of a 20-year contract, allowing Fort Polk to exceed the mandate for 35% reduction in energy use by 2010, outlined in the Energy Policy Act of 1992.

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