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Air quality and comfort of your facilities is a big factor in your resident’s health and also affects the productivity of your staff. And with the variety of spaces in assisted living facilities – apartments, large general dining areas and kitchens for those dining areas, long hallways, general living areas, administrative offices, meeting rooms, etc. – you need an HVAC system with very specific features to meet a variety of comfort needs. But also a system that maintains healthy indoor air quality and minimizes operational costs.

ClimateMaster water-source heat pump systems offer solutions tailored for today’s assisted living facilities.


Individual Zoning

With many of the apartments and rooms being similar in size, individual zoning is important because individual residents may be comfortable at different temperatures. One apartment may desire cooling while an adjacent apartment may desire heating. ClimateMaster water-source heat pumps excel at heating and cooling separate zones simultaneously on demand.


Greater Energy Savings, Less Operating Costs

Season after season, year after year, ClimateMaster water source heat pump systems offer the high efficiency necessary to keep operating costs down. In fact, they offer a lower operating cost than most compatibly zoned systems. The difference lies in the system’s ability to recover otherwise wasted energy and use it elsewhere in the facility. This dynamic, intelligent use of energy balances the needs of the entire building while reducing operating costs.


Easy Access to Minimize Inconveniences

The incremental design of the ClimateMaster vertical stack systems allow for direct service of individual units without inconveniencing other assisted living residents. The hinged access panel can be easily opened for checking operating codes and changing filters. The chassis, which incorporates the entire refrigeration circuit (air coil, water coil, and compressor), can be easily removed and replaced with a spare chassis in 30 minutes or less.

Erickson Properties

Erickson began a multi-phase construction project in 1997, breaking ground on a new location every six months. Through 2005, grand openings were scheduled encompassing over 30 million square feet of residential space. The scope of the project required engineers to consider a heating and cooling system that ensured reliable equipment, flexible design and a long life cycle.

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