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Geothermal Solutions for Commercial
Office Buildings

The HVAC needs of office buildings are as varied as their shapes and sizes. Yet several needs are common no matter the size; conditioning workplaces comfortably while being efficient.

ClimateMaster commercial geothermal systems heat and cool more efficiently than any other system today. Whether it’s variable refrigerant flow systems or variable air volume systems, geothermal offers the ability to save even more energy and operational costs. Read our case studies below and you will agree.

ASHRAE Headquarters Building

When the ASHRAE headquarters facility was built in 2008, a living laboratory was established to collect ongoing energy data of HVAC systems – including a ClimateMaster geothermal heat pump system (GHP) on the second floor and a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system on the first floor. Data collected since the completion of the renovation in 2008 includes a
performance comparison between the geothermal
system and the VRF system.

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Sonoma Water Agency

The Sonoma (Ca.) Water Agency sought an HVAC solution incorporating efficient and renewable energy sources as part of a renovation of it’s operations and maintenance building. A section of the 20,578 sq. ft. building that had previously been used for warehousing was remodeled into an office space, which required extension of the HVAC system into that area. The building’s existing 51-ton HVAC system, which included 9 packaged gas-electric rooftop units of various sizes, would have required additional equipment to support these renovations.

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Dunston I Innovation Centre

In Chesterfield, England, the Dunston I Innovation Centre is a perfect example of government support to renewable energy sources. The Chesterfield Borough Council developed the 25,000 square foot Dunston Innovation Centre as a business opportunity for the older coal-mining town to generate new jobs and community growth. ClimateMaster worked with the project designer to specify a geothermal heating and cooling system for the three-story new construction office building. The Dunston I Innovation Centre was designed for start-up companies and is subdivided into a number of self-contained units, with common conference and meeting room facilities.

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The Garrett Buildings

The best of times is when operating costs are cut in half and customer satisfaction is up. That’s the case with Steve Garrett, building owner, who has seen the difference a well-designed geothermal heating and cooling system can make in operating costs and occupant comfort. His two buildings, located on the same property, demonstrate the stark contrast in energy costs between the variable air volume (VAV) and the geothermal closed-loop system.

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Republic Bank

Low maintenance cost and great return on
investment were just the beginning of a list of benefits that motivated Republic Bank President and Chief Executive Officer Chuck Thompson to select a geothermal heating and cooling system for a new facility. A tenant finish project, Thompson wanted to engineer the 29,790 square foot building with a geothermal application and subsequently add HVAC as they grew or leased space. He wanted a system that was flexible enough to complete the building in phases since future tenants and their needs were unknown.

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