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The ClimateMaster Solution for LEED

Measurement and Verification

Building management controls are becoming increasingly popular in the commercial marketplace. ClimateMaster DDC controls allow the building owner to gain a LEED point if used for monitoring and optimizing building energy usage. Plus, DDC controls from ClimateMaster provide maximum flexibility with all of the most popular protocols – LonWorks, BACnet, Modbus and Johnson N2.

Indoor Environmental Quality

ClimateMaster’s Rx ERV module provides a very cost-effective method for bringing in outside air through the use of energy recovery technology. One LEED point can be gained for meeting LEED requirements for air changes per hour. In addition, up to 70% of the energy can be recovered from the building’s exhaust air, saving 3 tons of equipment capacity for every 1,000 cfm of outside air.

Rx (ERV) Module

Smaller equipment directly impacts building life cycle costs and lowers up-front installation costs. Another LEED point can be added for control of outside air using ClimateMaster’s CO2 sensor to control the Rx ERV module.

Thermal Comfort

ClimaDry™, one of the finest innovations in ClimateMaster’s broad product line, is the perfect compliment to a HVAC system when humidity control is essential. One LEED point is available for systems that monitor and control temperature and humidity. The patented ClimaDry dehumidification system is the only modulating reheat option in the WSHP industry that maintains neutral supply air temperature even with cool building loop temperatures, using a standard AHRI certified refrigerant circuit (the reheat function is applied to the condenser water circuit).

The Industry Leader

In summary, ClimateMaster equipment offers the designer substantial flexibility in maximizing LEED points, while minimizing up-front installation costs and decreasing overall building operating costs. LEED certification is based upon long-term environmental impact, so HVAC equipment selection is extremely important in determining building sustainability and life cycle costs. ClimateMaster’s reputation for high quality products and leadership in the industry provides the building owner with peace of mind.

For over 50 years we have been focused on enhancing business and home environments around the world. Our mission as the world’s largest and most progressive leader in the water-source and geothermal heat pump industry reveals our commitment to excellence – not only in the design and manufacture of our products, but in our people and services. Let ClimateMaster be your answer to LEED building design.

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