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Geothermal HVAC for Hospitality

Balancing energy use against visitor comfort is a paramount concern for hoteliers and those in the hospitality industry. Why is this so? Because energy costs are the second highest operating cost element in the hospitality industry. Over half of of those energy costs are related to heating and cooling.

Therefore, keeping heating and costs down is a big part of hotels remaining profitable. Yet providing hotel visitors with great comfort must also be a high priority. Consistent and desirable temperatures, quiet unit operation and superior air quality lead to visitor satisfaction.

There are also a variety of different spaces to provide comfort, from individual hotel rooms to restaurant spaces, large meeting rooms, swimming pools and fitness rooms.

ClimateMaster systems intelligently address all these challenges. Our geothermal heat pumps systems offer higher abilities to reduce operational costs, system flexibility and comfort.

These “boilerless/towerless” heat pump systems use the natural thermal properties of the earth to dissipate or capture heat for the water loop. Geothermal heat pumps operate in an identical fashion to water-source heat pump units. However, without the need for a boiler or cooling tower, geothermal heat pumps save substantial energy costs and space.

The Carneros Inn

Located among an expanse of grape vines, farmland and orchards in a 27-acre Napa Valley countryside setting, The Carneros Inn provides an ideal mix of simplicity and sophistication for its guests. The resort property includes 86 cottages that provide guests with quaint, relaxing seclusion and a host of modern amenities. With a nod to its surroundings, The Carneros Inn was conceptualized in 1998 to incorporate natural beauty while ensuring sustainability through a number of ecologically minded design and construction principles.

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