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iGate® (DXM2) Communicating Controls

iGate® Information Gateway to Monitor, Control and Diagnose Your Heating and Cooling System

Included on the following units:

Tranquility® 30 Digital (TE)
Tranquility® 22 Digital Compact Two-Stage (TY)
Tranquility® 22 Digital Two-Stage (TZ)
Tranquility® Vertical Stack (TSM)
Tranquility® Vertical Stack – Ducted (TSL)

These units are all equipped with industry-first, iGate – Information Gateway – 2-way communicating system that allows users to interact with their geothermal system in plain English AND delivers improved reliability and efficiency by precisely controlling smart variable speed components. iGate™ makes these units the easiest geothermal products to install and service.

Monitor/Configure – Installers can configure units from the iGate communicating thermostat or configuration/diagnostic tool, including: Air flow, loop ΔT, water-flow option configuration, unit configuration, accessory configuration, and demand reduction (optional, to limit unit operation during peak times). Users can look up the current system status: temperature sensor readings and operational status of the blower and pump.

Precise Control – The new DXM2 board enables intelligent, 2-way communication between the DXM2 board and smart components like the communicating thermostat, fan motor, and water pump. The DXM2 control can also directly control the modulating valve and accepts various feedback/input (see figure). The Intelligent DXM2 board uses information received from the smart components and sensors to precisely control operation of variable speed fan, variable speed water pump (or modulating valve) to deliver higher efficiency, reliability and increased comfort.

Diagnostics – iGate takes diagnosing geothermal units to a next level of simplicity, by providing a dashboard of system and fault information, in plain English, on the iGate thermostat/ service tool.

iGate Service Warning warns the occupant of a fault and displays fault description, possible causes and current system status (temperature readings, fan RPM and water flow status) which may be reported to service personnel.

In iGate Service Mode, the service personnel can access fault description, possible causes and most importantly, the conditions (temp, flow, i/o conditions, configuration) at the time of the fault. Manual Operation mode allows the service personnel to manually command operation for any of the thermostat outputs, blower speed, as well as pump speed or valve position from the thermostat, to help troubleshoot specific components.

With iGate communicating system, users and contractors have a gateway to system information never before available.

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