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Servicing Made Easy and Simple 

Water-source heat pumps are not complicated, requiring only basic air conditioning service skills to maintain. In many installations, zone heat pumps can be quickly removed and exchanged by building maintenance personnel. The system and control are easy to comprehend. This broadens the range of competent service contractors and reduces maintenance costs.

 Meanwhile, complex systems such as two- and four-pipe fan coils and variable air volume (VAV) systems require advanced maintenance and the trained personnel to perform it. Large equipment rooms filled with chillers, air handlers, or large-scale boilers require personnel for monitoring and maintenance, which consume building space and leasing profits.

The effect to the bottom line becomes significant when considering the potential of a complete system failure along with costly parts and equipment replacement.

In addition, with no costly chiller equipment to maintain, ClimateMaster geothermal heat pump systems reduce maintenance and personnel costs significantly.

Here are several more reasons why ClimateMaster units are so easy to service:

  • Many ClimateMaster units include easy-to-access control boxes with advanced digital controls and a Remote Service Sentinel.
  • Blower housing is easy to remove for quick servicing.
  • Tranquility® Digital Products feature iGate®, the industry's first two-way communicating control that makes servicing and any troubleshooting even quicker and faster.
  • Our Vertical Stack Products use removable chassis, making them easy to install and service.
  • ClimateMaster water-to-water systems feature exclusive single-side service access.

Simpler to Control

Control can be as basic as a unit or wall-mounted thermostat for each zone heat pump. If desired, factory-mounted DDC controllers allow zone heat pumps to be directly connected to a central building management system. The only other controls necessary are those needed to maintain the water loop temperature.


This reduces maintenance costs and improves user comprehension and control of the system.

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