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Quiet HVAC Operation

In many central plant HVAC systems, the noise and vibration from reciprocating or high-speed centrifugal chillers and high-speed, high-static centrifugal fans is difficult to mitigate.

ClimateMaster Sound Lab tests all models of our heating and cooling units to ensure ultra quiet operation.

Although they are located close to or within the occupied space, contemporary water-source heat pumps are capable of operating as quietly as many fan coil systems. Sound power levels in the latest models have been reduced through the use of new compressor technology, variable speed fan motors, acoustical isolation techniques, and optimization of design through extensive sound testing. Quiet operation has become a fundamental requirement for many tenants.

ClimateMaster has tested its product line for both ducted discharge and free inlet air combined with case radiated tests. Comfort has never been so quiet with our intelligent sound design. Our products use a variety of technologies to be some of the quietest units in the industry.

Learn more about noise production in HVAC units and check out how quiet our heating and cooling units are and read our Sound Performance Guide.

Dual Level Vibration Isolation

ClimateMaster units use an exclusive double isolation compressor mounting system. This dual level isolation deadens vibration and provides quiet operation.


Torsion-Flex Blowers 

Blower motors, on select models, are mounted with a unique torsion-flex mounting system which not only allows for easy service, but also reduces vibration from the blower motor during operation.


Go To The Next Level 

ClimateMaster’s optional additional sound suppression package enhances our already excellent sound performance through the use of dual density acoustical insulation and other strategically placed sound attenuating materials.

No other manufacturer’s mute package comes close to matching the performance of the UltraQuiet package.

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