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Affordable Installation and Retrofitting

Water-source heat pumps are factory assembled and tested, usually incorporating all zone-level controls and hydronic accessories, reducing expensive on-site labor. They utilize basic low-pressure duct systems or in some configurations, no ducts at all.

The water loop is insulated and requires only two pipes, a supply and return, and can even be designed in a single pipe configuration. The central aspects of the system (pump, boiler, heat rejector) require a minimum of temperature controls and valves.

This all leads to one of the lowest initial costs among HVAC systems with comparable capabilities.

The installation of zone heat pumps can be deferred until the tenant-finish phase after the space is leased, improving owner cash-flow. This is an additional benefit for applications in condominiums, commercial buildings, or shopping centers.

Simpler to Start Up and Commission

Many HVAC systems take months to properly commission due to complex air and hydronic balancing, and the debugging of complicated control systems and algorithms.

The simple, straight-forward design of water-loop heat pump systems greatly reduces this process. Zone heat pumps are available with DDC controllers, automatic water flow control valves and other accessories as a factory-assembled and tested unit. Basic low-pressure duct systems require minimal balancing.

This further reduces installation time and costs, and provides a system that is far more likely to perform as specified.

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