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Rollout of Industry’s First and Only Ducted Vertical Stack Unit


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OKLAHOMA CITY, August 12, 2014 – ClimateMaster announces the launch of its Tranquility® Vertical Stack (TSL) Series ducted heat pump unit, which is the first and only vertical stack product for ducted applications on the market today. Providing a simple, cost-effective approach to installing ducted stacked units, the ClimateMaster TSL Series also provides independent metering capabilities for a wide scope of building applications, including office, education, hospitality and multi-family projects.

“Continuing the tradition of customer need-focused innovation, ClimateMaster has developed the new Tranquility TSL Series unit to better accommodate ducted applications that require either a shorter cabinet or higher static,” said Raj Hiremath, director of marketing at ClimateMaster. “Also, with integrated, highly configurable iGate DXM2 controls, contractors can fine-tune the TSL unit’s airflow (in 25 CFM increments) using a digital service tool – a convenience and control that no other manufacturer provides. The result is a high-quality, uniquely engineered HVAC solution, which is also provided at an excellent price point and value.”

The new ClimateMaster TSL Series unit, available in 3⁄4- to 3-ton capacities, features top supply air discharge openings that allow for easy configuration of the unit in ducted applications. Engineered for installation behind drywall, with virtually seamless integration into a room and only the unit’s supply and return grills exposed, its vertical, space-saving design further streamlines installation to promote labor cost savings. With the unit’s risers, cabinet and chassis able to be shipped together or independently, the TSL Series enables staged unit delivery and installation in tandem with the building project schedule at-large.

Designed with a 4-wire ATC thermostat connection and standard CXM controller, the TSL Series unit features: loss-of-charge and high-pressure switches; a lockout safety circuit reset function at the thermostat or disconnect; a five-minute anti-short cycle; random start; high/low voltage and condensate overflow protection; a LED fault indicator; 24VAC or dry contact alarm options; and a low-temperature cutout on the water coil. It is also available with iGateTM (DXM2) controls, allowing for the unit’s configuration, diagnostics and monitoring in Plain English on an ATC thermostat or ACD diagnostic tool.

The TSL Series unit integrates an EarthPure® HFC-410A refrigerant circuit with high- and low-side Schrader ports, and interconnecting copper tubing that has been sealed and tested to non- ozone depleting standards. Its fully hermetic, overload-protected compressor includes a dual-vibration damping system for notably quiet operation, with rubber grommet mounts between both the compressor/mounting tray and the mounting tray/unit base.

Incorporating a 4-way, pilot-operated reversing valve that is solenoid activated in cooling mode, the TSL Series unit also features a tube-in-tube water-to-refrigerant coil with a convoluted copper inner water tube. The unit, which is pertinent for WLHP, GWHP and GLHP applications, is available with an ultra-quiet option that includes high-density noise suppressant lining in the compressor compartment.

Engineered with robust galvanized steel cabinetry construction, the TSL Series unit has a powder-coated drain pan, electrical and blower access panels, and foil-faced fiberglass insulation. A terminal block located inside the control box facilitates streamlined wiring/connection of the unit in the field. The TSL Series further features a permanently lubricated, multi-speed, PSC direct-drive blower motor, with the option of a pre-programmed, variable-speed high-efficiency ECM motor that promotes optimum CFM. Its water flow control system offers full port shut-off valves with a supply and return memory stop function, and stainless steel braided hose kits for connection from the piping risers to the chassis.

ClimateMaster, Inc. manufactures water-source and geothermal heat pumps, which are considered to be the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly type of air conditioning and heating products available on the market today. For more information, visit www.climatemaster.com.

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