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ClimateMaster Expands Commercial Product Line with Waterside Economizer

November 28, 2016

ClimateMaster Announces New Water Side Economizers Available for TC Large Units

Oklahoma City, OK – ClimateMaster is proud to announce availability of the Water Side Economizer (WSE) option for our larger TC units sizes 072 – 300. Water Side Economizers maximize energy efficiency by taking advantage of low building loop temperatures.

During shoulder season and in winter, the WSE provides cooling without the use of the compressor and refrigeration components of the unit. WSE are required to comply with building codes in many areas of the United States. To see the status of adoption of the latest building codes in your state visit https://www.energycodes.gov/status-state-energy-code-adoption

TC – Large with WSE Features

  • Use of cold loop water for “free cooling”.
  • Meets WSE code requirement per IECC section 403 and adopted by many states.
  • Standard factory assembled on air coil and pre-piped WSE coil, 3-way valve, and controller (aquastat)
  • Internally piped economizer means no additional water connections are needed
  • Temperature adjusted 3-way valve switches with digital readout with a factory setting of 45F EWT
  • One common condensate drain connection

Application Flexibility

WSE is available in vertical (072 – 300) and horizontal (072 – 120). The compressor is turned off while operating in WSE mode maximizing energy efficiency. The WSE option meets ASHRAE 90.1 2013 and IECC section 403 code requirements.

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