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Published: 2019-11-11

New Hybrid Heating Options for TR Horizontal

Expands Hybrid Portfolio!

Hybrid (Hydronic) Heating Coils

  • Hybrid systems combine the benefits of hydronic heating and water-cooled DX cooling into one product
  • Building owners can take advantage of highly efficient central boilers to provide economical heating coupled with efficient and cost-effective water-cooled DX cooling

Intelligent Start-Up & Commissioning DXM2 Controls

  • DXM2 controls reduce start-up, commissioning and troubleshooting time delivering up to a 50% reduction in field labor
  • Features are easily accessed via the ClimateMaster service tool or communicating thermostat

Constant Volume ECM Fan Motors

  • Users can "dial-in" set points in 25 CFM increments between minimum and maximum air flows
  • Benefits are numerous:
    • Saves time during commissioning
    • Helps overcome static pressure variations when actual duct layout varies from the original design
    • Allows "accoustical tuning" to meet applications needs

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