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Proven Reliability

ClimateMaster geothermal systems can smoothly operate for a very long time because they take special advantage of the consistent underground temperature of 50°F to 70°F. Using an underground loop system, they exchange energy between the building and the earth as needed for heating, cooling, and hot water generation. They require no chiller or boiler – and less ductwork and complicated controls than a VAV system. The result of this streamlined, proven design is longer system and component life for the lowest life cycle costs.

Because ClimateMaster geothermal heat pump units are installed indoors and the loop systems are installed underground, they are not exposed to theft, vandalism or environmental conditions that can shorten the life of other systems.

In addition, the heat-fused, high-density polyethylene pipe used underground is warranted for 50 years. No other heating and cooling system provides a more attractive life cycle cost.

ClimateMaster’s Strict HVAC Manufacturing Standards

ClimateMaster’s 610,000 square foot facilities use the most stringent quality control standards in the industry. Each unit is assembled under the close supervision of our Integrated Process Control System or Procix.

This multi-million dollar computer system watches each unit as it comes down the assembly line. In addition, our Quality Department is stationed on each line and performs random audits not only on the units, but also on component parts. All component parts must pass each and every quality checkpoint before a unit is packaged and shipped. These systems and processes are maximized due to the comprehensive and ongoing training every employee receives from the date they are hired.

Recent Improvements Mean Even Longer Service Life

Compressor technology, electronic controls with more protection, air coils and coaxial heat exchangers, stainless steel drain pans, polyester powder coat paint and designed-in quality all make for longer life expectancies than previous generation geothermal heat pumps.

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