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Interactive Touch-Screen Presentation

What is it? The interactive touch-screen kiosk is intended for use at trade/home shows, dealer/distributor/utility show rooms, builder show homes, and anywhere you would like to promote the ClimateMaster product. The presentation features the latest consumer videos, product details, the savings calculator, and a variety of other ClimateMaster videos.

What does it include? The kiosk kit includes a 23″ Dell touch screen computer, a TEV cabinet sample, plus hardware and fittings for assembly. The computer and cabinet sample ship together on one pallet. The computer ships with the ClimateMaster residential interactive program loaded on it.

Kiosks can be purchased from your ClimateMaster distributor. Please contact your local distributor for pricing details. The part number for the kiosk is: CMKIOSK1

Kiosk Presentation

Revision Date

Download the latest version of the presentation here

April 6, 2015

This presentation is for HDTV resolution touchscreen computer (1920 x 1080)

Kiosk Presentation Installation Instructions

This presentation runs best using Google Chrome. It will not run at all in some other browsers, such as Internet Explorer.

Use this link to download and install the Chrome browser.

Download the presentation to the computer’s hard drive, then unzip the downloaded file. Open the folder called “Geothermal Presentation”. Right-click on the file “index” and choose to open it using Chrome.

Once it opens in Chrome put Chrome in presentation mode to hide the menu bar and scroll bars.

The main video auto plays and is looped, with the controls hidden. Also, if someone selects one of the other scenes that scene will stay on screen for a predetermined time then the main video will start playing again.

Note: Don’t run the presentation off of a USB thumb drive, CD, DVD, etc. as the video will stutter. It needs to run off of the computer’s hard drive.