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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long is my warranty period?

A. Please contact a local ClimateMaster Distributor or Representative for
warranty information.


Q. What do I need to do to get technical help from factory.

A. You should contact your local distributor for any technical assistance. They should be able to assist. Distributor can contact the factory for assistance if needed.


Q. What are the pressure settings of HP/LP switches?

A. Pressure ratings of the switches installed in a unit may vary from equipment to equipment. Please contact ClimateMaster technical service for pressure ratings for your equipment. Please be prepare to provide unit information when calling ClimateMaster technical support.


Q. Compressor will not come on?

A. Check for 24V at Y to ground if so, check for 24V to ground on the first red wire on HP pin 1 if so, it’s a bad control board.


Q. Why do we have a drier on discharge line?

A. In most ClimateMaster heat pumps a muffler is installed in discharge line. This is not to be considered as a filter drier.


Q. What does a single (1) flash mean in test mode?

A. Code 1 indicates there is no fault in memory; stated differently, the control has not faulted since the last power-down to power-up sequence.


Q. What does test mode do to the operation of the unit?

A. Test Mode allows the service personnel to check the operation of the control in a timely manner. By momentarily shorting the test terminals or switches, the Control enters a 20-minute Test Mode period in which all time delays are sped up 15 times.


Q. How to retrieve fault code?

A. In Test Mode, The Alarm Relay will cycle on and off similar to the fault LED to indicate a code representing the last fault, at the thermostat. Count the number of flashes and compare to the “LED and Alarm Relay Output Table” in the unit IOM.


Q. What does the # of flashes mean?

A. “Flashing Appropriate Code” means that the Fault LED will always flash a code representing the last fault in memory. If there is no fault in memory, the Fault LED will
flash code 1.


Q. What is slow flash and fast flash?

A. Slow flash will be 1 flash per every 2 seconds. It is displayed when the control is in Fault Retry mode. See IOM for more details.

Fast flash will be 2 flash per every 1 second. It is displayed when the control is in Lockout mode. Compressor will not be energized in Lockout mode. See IOM for more details


Q. What is a CO fault?

A. “Condensate Overflow” Code = 6 – The Condensate Overflow sensor must sense overflow levels for 30 continuous seconds to be recognized as a CO fault. Condensate Overflow will be monitored at all times. The Fault LED will immediately begin flashing Code 6 when a Condensate Overflow Fault occurs. Condensate overflow will be monitored during compressor run cycle.


Q. What is service Desk Ticket? How can I start a ticket?

A. Help Desk ticket is a tracking system that allows communication through the ticket to be tracked and available to all ClimateMaster Technicians. To start using the help desk system, go to the Business Center under help and select Technical Support Center and register. Or visit Techsupport.climatemaster.com and register.