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ClimateMaster GeoElite® Dealer Program

Current GeoElite® Dealers

GeoElite Dealer Program Benefits

The ClimateMaster GeoElite Dealer Program is an opportunity for dealers interested in business growth opportunities and to spread the benefits of geothermal to the consumer. As a ClimateMaster GeoElite Dealer program member can expect:

  • Top Listing in ClimateMaster Dealer Locator
  • Priority Lead Referral – receive more leads in your area
  • Exclusive Marketing Materials

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GeoElite Dealer Program Requirements

ClimateMaster Distributors are responsible for the selection and nomination of installation professionals who wish to participate in the GeoElite Dealer Program. The application must be renewed annually to assure the candidates comply with these program requirements.

Unit Sales

An existing contractor must have sold a minimum of 10 compressor-bearing units in the prior year. New program candidates must have the potential to sell a minimum of 10 compressor-bearing units in the sign-up year.

Product Training

GeoElite Dealers must be technically competent in the procedures for geothermal heat pump system selection, installation, start-up, and service. Therefore, the candidate must have successfully completed the following ClimateMaster training courses within 18 months of the sign-up year.

  • 202 Service and Installation Class
  • Trilogy Training Course
  • IGSHPA Accredited Installer Course

It is the responsibility of the distributor to always employ a minimum of one technician who has successfully completed the ClimateMaster Train the Trainer Course.


GeoElite Dealers must sell ONLY ClimateMaster geothermal products where available and must never display or in any way promote a geothermal competitor’s product or brand.

Annual Renewal

A participation agreement is required for each calendar year. The 2022 program guidelines require the completion of the GeoElite Dealer Participation Agreement by each GeoElite dealer. The distributor must then complete the online signup form for each participating dealer no later than March 31, 2022.

GeoElite Form

GeoElite Dealer Participation Agreement

Please direct all questions regarding ClimateMaster’s GeoElite Dealer Program to GeoEliteDealer@climatemaster.com.