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FACT: Geothermal systems provide the most efficient, comfortable and environmentally friendly method of heating & cooling.


Geothermal is a Great Way to Lower Your Electric Bill

If you are sick of high electric bills, geothermal is a great way to cut those monthly costs. How much can geothermal reduce your electric costs?

By harnessing the stable underground temperature to provide your heating, cooling and hot water, geothermal can your cut energy use by up to 80%. This is because a big majority of the total energy used in a typical home is for heating, cooling and water heating.

But how exactly does geothermal save so much energy? Our How Does Geothermal Work page explains geothermal very well.

How much can geothermal save you each month on your electric bill? We have several ways you can find the answer.

Our geothermal savings calculator can quickly show you how much you could save compared to the system you are currently using to heat and cool your home:

We have a network of friendly, highly qualified geothermal installers all across the country. Contact one of our local geothermal installers either by filling out the form on the right or using our geothermal dealer locator:

And you will save even more when you factor in the federal tax credit that saves you 30% on the total cost when you install a geothermal system. Check with your state and local utilities to find out if additional incentives are available. Read more on geothermal tax credits.