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FACT: Geothermal systems provide the most efficient, comfortable and environmentally friendly method of heating & cooling.


Geothermal Can Save Up to 80% on Your Heating Costs Compared to Propane

If you’re tired of paying high prices for propane or worrying about running out of fuel, tap the limitless natural resource right under your home.

ClimateMaster geothermal uses the earth’s constant temperature to save big on fuel bills.

In fact, geothermal can even cut your heating and cooling costs by 80%. How is geothermal so energy efficient? Learn how geothermal works.

How much can geothermal save you on your heating and cooling bills compared to propane? Use our quick and easy geothermal savings calculator:

Geothermal is safe, proven technology with more than a million installations nationwide.

While propane and oil prices are unpredictable, geothermal offers guaranteed savings for years and years to come.

Here is a table from the U.S. Energy Information Administration showing the huge spikes in propane prices the last 15 years.