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FACT: Geothermal systems provide the most efficient, comfortable and environmentally friendly method of heating & cooling.


Why Pamela Chose Geothermal for Her Home’s Heating and Cooling

Oklahoma City, OK, Nov. 13, 2013 – “We have geothermal. Every one around us in this neighborhood does not, and I know my neighbors wish they had it,” said Pamela from Oklahoma.

In this brief video, Pamela tells why she and her husband chose geothermal and why they chose ClimateMaster as the geothermal manufacturer.

In the process of building a new house, Pamela wanted better heating and cooling than what they had with their traditional heating and air conditioning system.

Lower Utility Bills

The main reason Pamela chose geothermal was geothermal’s ability to cut her monthly heating and cooling bills. Because it works by using the ground to exchange heat, geothermal is very efficient and can cut bills dramatically.

Pamela also said the 30% geothermal tax credit came in handy because they had just finished building their new house.

Combine these reasons, and Pamela clearly saw that geothermal has a quick turn around to recoup the cost of their investment.

“It will take us 6.3 years to recoup the difference that we still have from the normal heat and air cost to the geothermal cost,” said Pamela. “And then after that, it’s all in our pocket. It just saves money. Just plain facts, saves money.”

To see how much money ClimateMaster geothermal can save you on your energy bills, check out our simple geothermal cost savings calculator or contact your local geothermal dealer.