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What Your Air Filter Isn’t Filtering

Did you know that most air filters do not trap 98% of all particles in the air?

Standard, four to six-inch pleated air filter are very good at trapping particles from 10 microns to the three micron size range. This includes pollen, mold, dust mites and hairspray.

However, standard filters don’t trap anything smaller than three microns, and 98% of all particles are less than one micron in size.

That’s a problem as these small particles include things that cause most allergies and illnesses. Your standard air filter lets those harmful particles right back through into your home.

Chances are you or someone you know has asthma or a breathing-related allergy. These are related to using more chemicals in the home for cleaning, clothing and furniture. In addition, homes leak less air today and people are spending more time indoors.

In addition, Spring is not far away, when allergens begin to peak.

To provide your home with clean air, those sub-micron particles must be removed. The ClimateMaster EarthPure Air Cleaner, which is an optional feature on every ClimateMaster geothermal heat pump, removes up to 97% of dangerous particles, down to .3 microns in size. This includes tobacco smoke, small bacteria, paint pigments, odors and gasses from carpets, furniture and cleaning products.

Unlike traditional air cleaner systems, the EarthPure Air Cleaner Panel fits in the same filter rack as a standard filter, so you don’t have the added cost of modifying your home’s ductwork.

Why are EarthPure Air Cleaners better at cleaning the air in your home?

EarthPure Air Cleaners work so well because a safe, low power electrostatic current is applied to a center screen of carbon, within a disposable cleaner pad. This creates a magnetic field between the center screen and the outer frame.

Particles and pollutants become polarized, and as paper clips on a magnet attracts other paper clips, harmful particles are drawn to the fibers.

The center carbon screen removes many odors and gasses, such as ozone, making your home virtually free of harmful pollutants.

This smoke demonstration chamber shows how effective EarthPure Air Cleaners are at removing harmful particles from the air compared to standard air filters.

Cigarette smoke is pumped into the chamber. When the fan is running, the smoke particles pass easily through the standard filter and back into your home.

But watch what happens when the EarthPure polarizing field is turned on. The results, and the air, are clear.

EarthPure Air Filters are optional features on all ClimateMaster geothermal heat pumps. In addition to saving you up to 80% on your energy bills, our geothermal heat pumps can also help you breathe cleaner air.

For more than a decade, many commercial, industrial and medical facilities in America, Europe and Japan have been using EarthPure Air Cleaners. This next generation of air cleaning technology is also available for your home.

It’s time for the peace of mind that an EarthPure Air Cleaner can bring you. You and your family deserve to breathe healthy.