Traditional water source heat pump systems are designed for applications where there is demand for some units to be in heating while others are in cooling throughout much of the year. Hybrid water source heat pump systems outperform traditional systems by combining the best of refrigerant air conditioning and hydronic heating resulting in quieter operation and potential operating cost savings.

  • Building water loop temperatures can be designed as high as 120 degrees with a hybrid water source heat pump system. This lets the system retain more of the heat generated by the heat pumps that are in the cooling mode without rejecting that heat through a cooling tower.
  • Instead of using a compressor in the heating mode, the hybrid heat pump operates as a fan coil in the heating mode. This can be more cost effective than traditional water source heat pump systems based on energy costs.
  • Heat utilization is maximized. With a hybrid water source heat pump system up to 100% of the outdoor air can be brought into the building using an air handler with a hydronic water coil fed by the buildings higher temperature building loop. This can prevent the scenario where you have gas heat treating outdoor air while a cooling tower rejecting heat from the building loop.
  • Quiet operation during heating mode because the unit is not using a compressor to generate heat.
  • Reduced compressor cycling.
  • No reversing valve.