The Tranquility® (TRT) Rooftop Series introduces the next stage of evolution in ClimateMaster® WSHP Rooftops. The Tranquility TRT optimizes energy efficiency with capacity control by utilizing two-stage compressors paired with variable frequency drive (VFD) fan motor controls allowing the unit to operate as low as 60% of its rated full load capacity. This pairing provides occupants with a constant leaving air temperature even with large shifts in demand. The system’s capabilities are enhanced even further with intelligent iGate® controls which reduce start-up, commissioning, and troubleshooting time. These technologies, along with other standard features and options, position the Tranquility TRT as the leading Rooftop WSHP on the market!

  • Copeland Scroll Two-Stage compressors
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) fan motor controls
  • Intelligent Controls - iGate® communicating controls provide advanced unit functionality and comprehensive configuration, monitoring and diagnostic capabilities through digital communication
  • Optional modulating motorized water valve in lieu of auto flow regulator and normal on/off motorized water valve
  • Optional ClimaDry® modulating dedicated dehumidification mode
  • Exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 efficiencies
  • Eight standard safeties which include high/low pressure switches and electronic condensate overflow sensor standard
  • Galvanized steel double wall construction, powder coated paint, and access doors with non-corrosive hardware