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Vertical Stack Series

The design of ClimateMaster vertical stack, or high-rise units provide unmatched design flexibility and ease of installation compared to high-rise fan coil units or even other packaged water- source heat pumps.

TSM and TSL units are comprised of two pieces, a cabinet and a chassis. The cabinet includes riser piping, blower section, controls, drain pan and hardware for installing the system in a flush- mount configuration. The slide-in chassis contains the refrigeration components. This concept provides a self-contained heating and cooling system (when used as a ductless installation) that is recessed into the wall. The system can also be ducted where required. An attractive return air panel finishes off the installation.

One of 516 Tranquility Vertical Stack (TRM) heat pumps installed in Hawthorn Suites dormitory on the Bowling Green State University campus.

The Tranquility Vertical Stack (TRM) units installed in Centennial Hall were finished with attractive return air panels.

A vertical stack unit installed in Hotel Palomar in Chicago.

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