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Small Packaged Units

Vertical Water-to-Air Units

Vertical units are commonly used in apartments, condominiums, and core areas of office buildings. The configuration helps save space. The air is distributed through ductwork to the various rooms. The return air options permit ease of application in unusual closet configurations.

These units can be installed where the room acts as a return air plenum. When doing so, always allow adequate distance between the filter and the wall or door for proper air return. The units can also be equipped with return air ducts. The units are lined on the interior with heavy density thermal insulation to provide acoustical absorption.

Two ClimateMaster water source heat pumps installed in a closet in the science building at Casady School in Oklahoma City.

A small packaged water-source heat pump installed in Museum Tower condo building.

A ClimateMaster Water-Source Heat Pump installed in the Lobby of the Alta condo building.

One of the Tranquility 20 Single-Stage (TS) units installed in Falcon Heights dormitory at Bowling Green State University.

Horizontal Water-to-Air Units

The horizontal configuration of the ducted units is ideal for concealed, ceiling-mounted applications. The units are shipped with factory-installed hanger brackets for use with threaded rod and isolation grommets. This model also is available in different return air configurations to enable the optimum in space saving application. The unit has several removable panels providing ease of serviceability.

The space above the ceiling is typically used as a return air plenum with a return air grille mounted in the ceiling. Use of a discharge duct with at least one change of direction is important to realizing lowest sound level. Free air discharge is not recommended when low sound level is important. Use of acoustical tile on the ceiling is also effective for sound attenuation. For additional sound treatment, a return air sound plenum can be attached to the return air inlet.

One of the Tranquility® 16 Compact Series horizontal units installed in Centennial Hall dormitory at Bowling Green State University.

One of the many ClimateMaster water-source heat pumps installed through the Midtown Exchange mall.

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