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Tranquility® Water Source Rooftop Units

The Tranquility® Rooftop (TRT) Series introduces the next stage of evolution in ClimateMaster® WSHP Rooftops. TRT’s optimize energy efficiency with capacity control by utilizing two-stage compressors paired with variable frequency drive (VFD) fan motor controls allowing the unit to operate as low as 60% of its rated full load capacity.

Tranquility Rooftop (TRT) Series


The Tranquility® Rooftop (TRE) Series provides a rooftop WSHP solution to meet your application needs. The TRE product line offers the option of introducing a fixed amount of outside air year-round or a modulating Economizer to provide free cooling when outdoor conditions are favorable. TRE units are designed for an extended range of source water temperatures, making it suitable for closed-loop, or ground source closed-loop systems. With high efficiency scroll compressors and belt drive motors, the TRE product line offers 13+ EER and 4+ COP.  

Tranquility Rooftop (TRE) Series


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