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8 Great Reasons Why ClimateMaster Geothermal is Better for the Environment

Below are eight great reasons why ClimateMaster is the best geothermal choice for the environment.1) ClimateMaster = Highest Efficiencies AroundThe more efficient an appliance is, the less energy is used and the impact on the environment is lessened. Our Trilogy® 45 system is currently the most efficient in the industry. Traditional heating and cooling systems start and stop when they have achieved the temperature on your thermostat. Frequent starting up requires a lot of energy.

Trilogy 45 System Installed in a Home

Meanwhile, the Trilogy® 45 system operates slowly and consistently, achieving peak efficiency and energy savings. The ClimateMaster Trilogy® 45 also offers hot water generation for additional energy savings. Read more about the Trilogy® system.2) Lower Your Hot Water CostsDomestic hot water is the second biggest user of energy in US homes today1. With full-time hot water generation offered by Trilogy® 45, you will see energy savings of over 80% in water heating, due to efficiency of over 500% compared to conventional water heaters, which have efficiencies below 100%.While delivering ultra-high efficiencies, you don’t have to compromise on comfort. Trilogy® 45 recovers faster than conventional water heaters when using hot water in the tank, delivering more hot water, without needing a larger tank.1 Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Residential Energy Consumption Survey.3) Turn Down the Noise PollutionNot only do ClimateMaster heat pumps eliminate your use of fossil fuels for heating, they also reduce noise pollution. To ensure we are building as quiet geothermal heat pumps as possible, we design and test our heat pumps in our own certified sound lab, an industry exclusive.

Many of our heat pumps use a double compressor isolation system that eliminates vibration and an acoustically lined cabinet. Also, unlike traditional air conditioner systems, geothermal heat pumps have no noisy outdoor fans to disturb you or your neighbors.4) Long System LifeClimateMaster geothermal heat pumps are designed for a long service life, assuring you and the environment of energy savings for many years to come. Our heat pumps are backed by a 10-year warranty on parts. Underground pipe provided by ClimateMaster carries a 50-year limited warranty.Many ClimateMaster heat pump systems last for decades, including this Florida heat pumpsystem that is still operating smoothly after 37 years!5) Heating and Cooling Safety and CleanlinessClimateMaster Geothermal systems use no flames to heat your home, so dangerous carbon monoxide and gas leaks are eliminated. In addition, our heat pumps use foil-faced insulation and a stainless steel drain pan for easy cleaning.6) Breathe Easier

Most ClimateMaster systems use MERV 11 air filters, which deliver superior air filtration for better indoor air quality. The optional EarthPure® Air Cleaner not only removes dust and pollen with high efficiency, it also removes odors that traditional filters are unable to remove. Read more about our EarthPure Air Cleaner.7) Many Years of Heating and Cooling Energy SavingsGround source heat pumps are a reliable and proven technology that has been widely used for more than 50 years. Millions of geothermal heat pumps are in operation worldwide, keeping people comfortable in homes, schools, hospitals, military facilities and many other buildings.8) Star Among Energy StarsFive of ClimateMaster’s six different geothermal heat pumps have been recognized as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR® 2015 for both exceeding stringent efficiency requirements and for incorporating smart iGate® controls.Any product with ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2015 status means they “represent the leading edge in energy efficient products this year.” See the ClimateMaster geothermal heat pumps on the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2015 web page here.As you can see, minimizing our impact on the environment is a priority to ClimateMaster. With ClimateMaster, you can rest comfortably, knowing you are saving up to 80% on energy costs while reducing your impact on the environment.See how much energy can you save with a ClimateMaster heating and cooling system in your home!

Why Are Geothermal Heat Pumps So Efficient?

Little resistance means the geothermal heat pump doesn’t have to work as hard, which means you pay lower utility bills. Utility bill savings can be as much as 70%, compared to systems using very inefficient oil or propane furnaces for heating. Even if you are not heating with oil or propane, you can still have substantial savings on your monthly energy bills.Use our geothermal calculator to see how much geothermal can save you on your heating and cooling bills!

Geothermal heat pumps also use water as the medium of heat exchange. Water is a far better conductor of heat than air. This means when you’re using water as your means of heat exchange rather than air, it takes much less energy to move heat.In addition, geothermal systems do not struggle to dump heat into the already hot outside air. Geothermal systems dump heat into 50-70° ground temperature and it takes less energy to move heat to cooler temperatures as opposed to hot outside air.In heating mode when the weather is cold, the heat exchange process is reversed. Heat is extracted from the warm ground instead of the very cold outside air or from the inefficient burning of fossil fuels.How does geothermal work?Similar to a refrigerator, a geothermal heat pump simply transfers heat from one place to another. When a refrigerator is operating, heat is being moved from inside the fridge to outside the fridge, and into your kitchen. Therefore, cooling is not added to the inside; heat is moved out.By using refrigeration, the geothermal heat pump moves heat stored in the earth and/or the earth’s groundwater and transfers it to and from the home. To learn more about this, watch our video on how geothermal works.To find out how much geothermal heat pump cost, contact one of our local geothermal installers.

Emerald City Getting Greener: Public Schools Installing Geothermal to Save $30,000 Annually

The geothermal heat pump system will circulate the solution through the loops in order to either absorb heat from the ground to aid in heating the school in winter, or when outside weather is hot, the heat pumps will transfer the school’s heat from the building into the ground. Click here to learn what is geothermal.The video in the story shows several aspects of the geothermal installation: geothermal wells being drilled and brief shots of the geothermal heat pump system being installed by a local geothermal heating and air conditioner company.Once the installation is complete, concrete will be poured over the ground where the geothermal loops reside. A parking lot and school playground will then be installed.Any Heating and Cooling Bill Savings?When the story ran, the geothermal system was just being installed, so it was too early for monthly heating and cooling bills to come in. But it’s safe to say they are expecting big savings. From the story:“It’s probably the best system we can do, the biggest bang for your buck,” said architect Jeremy Theodore.The district anticipates $30,000 of savings on energy reduction every year for Adams Elementary.geothermalYou could also save a lot on your monthly utility bill. Use our easy geothermal calculator to see how much you could save on your bills!

Part of the school system’s geothermal heat pump cost for installation was offset by a Seattle City Light rebate program.If you are looking for a rebate or geothermal tax credit for your home, click here. Through 2016, a federal tax credit allows homeowners to deduct 30% of the total geothermal installed cost from your tax liability or tax due.In addition, depending on where you live, you could qualify for local tax incentives. Visit our geothermal tax incentives page for more information.Watch the video or read the story from Seattle tv station KING 5 here.geo

What is the Most Efficient Heating and Cooling System Available Today?

The Trilogy 45 system is designed to operate slowly and consistently for peak efficiency and peak savings. On an extremely hot or cold day, the Trilogy 45 speeds up and delivers full comfort (capacity) regardless of the outdoor air temperature.Contact one of our local GeoElite installers today to see how much the Trilogy 45 System can save you on your monthly bills! 

Patent-Pending Hot Water Technology = Even More Energy SavingsDomestic hot water is now the second largest user of energy in US homes today (even more than air conditioning in most places in the Unites States)¹.To reduce hot water costs, ClimateMaster developed a patent-pending technology called Q-Mode® that achieves over 80% savings by generating full-time, year-round hot water at 500%+ efficiency.Additionally, Q-Mode provides additional energy savings from free cooling when simultaneously heating water using this technology. Q-Mode makes Trilogy unique from other products by making such low operating costs achievable.While delivering ultra-high efficiencies, you don’t have to compromise on comfort. Our Trilogy geothermal heat pump system recovers quicker than traditional water heaters, delivering more hot water, without needing a larger tank.An Award-Winning Heating and Cooling SystemOur Trilogy system was recognized as one of the top 100 most technically significant products introduced in the marketplace. Co-developed with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Trilogy Q-Mode won a prestigious R&D 100 Award for 2013, recognizing Trilogy’s groundbreaking improvement in heat pump technology and energy efficiency.The revolutionary Trilogy 45 represents a major breakthrough in comfort and efficiency, continuing ClimateMaster’s legacy of innovation. Watch our video about ClimateMaster: 50 Years of Innovation.Ultra-Quiet OperationTrilogy 45 is so quiet that you will hardly know it is running. The system is designed to operate slowly and consistently, and unlike traditional air source systems, there are no noisy outdoor fans to disturb you or your neighbors.Safety and CleanlinessGeothermal systems use no flames to heat your home, so dangerous carbon monoxide and gas leaks are eliminated. The Trilogy 45 geothermal Series uses foil-faced insulation and a stainless steel drain pan for easy cleaning.Breathe Easier with Superior Indoor Air QualityThe Trilogy 45 delivers superior air filtration for improved indoor air quality using MERV 11 filters and improved air exchange due to extended run times.Contact one of our local GeoElite installers today to see how much the Trilogy 45 System can save you on your monthly bills!1 Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Residential Energy Consumption Survey.

Geothermal Saving Two Virginia Households Big on Energy Bills

When Scott Colton bought a new home in Southeastern Virginia, he was not told that the home uses a geothermal system until later in the process. Colton said the geothermal system was a “considerable amount of icing on the cake” and that the system is doing a great job at keeping his home comfortable for much less compared to his neighbor’s homes.His current home is about twice the size of his previous one in Hampton, but the cost to heat and cool it is only slightly higher — about $250 a month compared to $300 for a house that was half the size.By comparison, he said, his immediate neighbor told him it’s not uncommon for his own bills to top $500.“He says, ‘You wouldn’t believe what you’re probably saving,'” Colton said.Make your neighbors jealous of your energy bill savings! Use our geothermal savings calculator to see how much you could be saving with geothermal:

Another Satisfied Geothermal Heating and Cooling CustomerLehan Crane built a new 2,990 square foot home in Southeastern Virginia that includes a bevy of sustainable home technologies, including a geothermal heat pump system.Crane said he included the geothermal system out of a desire to reduce his carbon footprint. Crane’s geothermal system is a closed-loop system, which means that his geothermal system uses a pipe buried in the ground that acts as a heat exchanger with his geothermal heating and cooling unit.The loop is filled with an antifreeze solution that, in winter, absorbs heat from the ground and is circulated to the heat pump, making home heating in winter much easier and more efficient (compared to traditional systems).In summer, the loop transfers heat from the house into the ground. This is much more efficient than traditional systems, which transfer the heat to the already hot outside air. In comparison, the ground is much cooler in summer (around 50°F year round) than is the air and accepts heat much easier than does the air.The same principle is true when it is cold outside and you want to heat your home. A traditional heat pump system tries to gain heat from the outside, where it is very cold. The traditional heat pump system then has to heat the air a lot (and work hard) because the heat exchanger didn’t gather much heat.However, the ground is usually around 50°F, so there is much more heat to transfer into your home. The geothermal heat pump system then takes that temperature and warms it even more, blowing warm air into your home.(If you want to learn more about geothermal, click here to watch a video on how geothermal works.)Crane said his geothermal system is performing as expected and saving him money on his energy bills:Crane says he keeps his home around 75 degrees in summer and 69 degrees in winter, and his monthly heating and cooling costs run between $80 and $170. Meanwhile, he says, his neighbor’s monthly bill runs about $300.Crane said the 30% geothermal tax credit reduced the cost of the geothermal system where it didn’t cost much more than what a traditional heating and cooling system costs. Read more about the 30% geothermal tax credit.Read the article from the Daily Press.

Advantages of Geothermal Energy over Traditional Heating and Cooling Systems

But what about cooling your home? Let’s compare the advantages of a geothermal energy heating and cooling system to an air-source heat pump system for cooling. When it’s hot outside, an air-source heat pump takes heat from your home and moves to the outside air.As the outside air becomes warmer in summer, it becomes major disadvantage for the system to dump heat from your home into the already hot outside air. Because of this, when cooling a home with an air-source heat pump, the system becomes least efficient when it needs to be most efficient.A geothermal heat pump system doesn’t have this problem. A geothermal system exchanges the heat in your home with the cooler ground using it’s underground loop system. It simply doesn’t have to deal with high outside air temperatures the way that an air-source heat pump does.Add to that the fact that a geothermal system can be installed safely inside your home, with a loop buried underground. Unlike an air-source heat pump, there is no outdoor equipment exposed to the elements or the risk of vandalism.Interested in seeing how much the advantages of geothermal energy can save you on your energy bills? Use our easy geothermal calculator: