ClimateMaster, Inc.’s iGate® Privacy Policy

ClimateMaster, Inc. (“Company”) uses a third-party service to provide the hosting services for the iGate application. Our meaning of the term “third-party service” means a web-based technology that is not exclusively operated or controlled by the Company or that involves significant participation by a third-party service.

When interacting with the Company through a third-party service, the third-party service provider’s privacy policies apply. For the iGate application, the Privacy Policy of ecobee applies which may be located at

Generally, the Company does not collect, disseminate, or maintain any personal identifiable information (PII) that you make available through the third-party service.

Any information the Company collects and shares through cookies is anonymous and not personally identifiable.

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© ClimateMaster, Inc. All rights reserved 2022

© ClimateMaster, Inc. All rights reserved 2022