1. Easy access control box contains DXM2 (iGate) communicating control, a robust microprocessor based controller that is advanced and feature-laden for maximum application flexibility. (Optional DDC Controllers also available)
  2. Industry-first, built-in vFlow® replaces traditionally inefficient, external pumping components with an ultra-high efficient, variable speed, internal water flow system to intelligently vary the water flow to minimize pump energy consumption and improve system reliability.
  3. Easy to remove blower housing for quick service and ECM variable speed motor. Foil faced insulation in the blower section and fiberglass insulation in the compressor section.
  4. Copeland UltraTech™ two-stage compressor with dual compressor vibration isolation. Easy service access from multiple sides.

TE Series

1) DXM2

2) vFlow®

3) Motor

4) Compressor