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Low GWP Water-to-Water Series: SW - Sizes 036-60 and 120, shown

Low GWP Water-to-Water Series – 3 to 10 tons

Tranquility® (SW) Water-to-Water Series


Low GWP Stamp
Low Global Warming Potential (GWP): The Tranquility (SW) Water-to-Water Series, Sizes: 36-60 and 120

The Tranquility® (SW) Water-to-Water Series presents a combination of high efficiency and capacity, boasting advanced features, quiet operation, and versatile-application flexibility, all at competitive prices. The Tranquility SW, ClimateMaster's flagship water-to-water unit, caters to diverse HVAC and industrial needs. From radiant floor heating and snow/ice melt systems to chilled water for fan coils and industrial process control, it offers cost-effective solutions for both chilled and hot water applications.


  • Size 036 (3 tons, 10.6 kW), 060 (5 tons, 17.6 kW), 120 (10 Tons, 35.2 kW)
  • High-efficiency scroll compressor(s)
  • Refrigerant Detection System (RDS) (mandatory on size 120, optional for sizes 036 and 060)
  • Front service access allows multiple units to be installed side by side for larger capacity applications
  • Exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 efficiencies
  • Heavy-gauge galvanized-steel construction with front access panels
  • Insulated compressor compartment
  • Small footprint
  • TXV metering devices
  • Communicating Controls Powered by CXM2:
    • Multiple communication pathways for unit access and diagnosis:
      • Cloud-based remote monitoring via Wi-Fi communicating color-touchscreen thermostat
      • Connect directly to the system with a handheld service tool
    • Provides real-time unit operating conditions
    • Reduces startup, commissioning, and service time by providing key system temperatures electronically
    • Captures operating conditions in the event of a safety shutdown
  • Compressor Run and Fault lights visible on the front of the cabinet
  • Six standard safety features
  • Communicating Controls Powered by DXM2.5:
    • Includes all of the CXM2 control features
    • Controls operation of domestic Hot Water Generator (HWG)
    • Precise compression staging
    • vFlow® unit-integrated modulating water valve for maximum water-flow control (replaces traditional motorized water valve and autoflow regulator)


  • Extended range insulation for geothermal applications
  • BACnet, Modbus, and Johnson Controls N2 compatibility options for Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • UltraQuiet sound-attenuation package


  • Wi-Fi communicating (AWC) thermostat with color touchscreen
  • Wide variety of thermostat options for single-zone in-floor radiant-heating applications
  • Braided-hose kits in various lengths with optional water valve, PT plugs, blowdown valve, flow regulator, and strainer
  • Externally-mounted manual and motorized-water valves
  • Aesthetically-pleasing wall sensors for connection to BMS (MPC) controls

Control Board – DXM2.5

Tranquility (ST) Rooftop Series: Close Up Look - Control Board

Easy-access controls box contains advanced communicating DXM2.5 controls that provide real-time operating conditions that reduces startup, commissioning, and service times by digitally providing key system temperatures and operating conditions. (Sizes 036-060 only)

Control Board – CXM2

Tranquility (ST) Rooftop Series: Close Up Look - Control Board

Advanced CXM2 digital controls with Remote Service Sentinel.

Front Service Access
(SW036-060 shown)

Tranquility (SW) Water-to-Water Series: Close Up Look - Front Service Access (SW036-060 Shown)

Small footprint with convenient front service access and water connections.

Front Service Access
and Water Connections

Tranquility (SW) Water-to-Water Series: Close Up Look - Front Service Access and Water Connections

The Tranquility SW Series in 3 to 10 ton sizes, offers a robust galvanized steel cabinet, two-stage compressors and an integrated modulating water valve for maximum water flow control during part-load operation. Units may be installed side-by-side.

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