The Tranquility® (SB) Compact High-Capacity Series raises the bar for water-source heat pump efficiencies, features and application flexibility. Not only does the Tranquility SB exceed ASHRAE 90.1 efficiencies, but it also uses R-454B low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant, making it an extremely environmentally friendly space conditioning product solution. Tranquility SB is eligible for additional LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points due to its innovative and environmentally-conscious design.


  • Horizontal sizes 072 (6 Tons, 21.1 kW) through 120 (10 Tons, 35.2 kW)
  • Vertical sizes 072 (6 Tons, 21.1 kW) through 300
    (25 Tons, 87.9 kW)
  • Environmentally-friendly R-454B low-GWP refrigerant
  • Refrigerant Detection System (RDS) (required for all sizes)
  • Horizontal configurations with left or right return-air discharge and straight or back supply-air discharge. Discharge is field convertible. Field conversion uses all existing parts, including panels and belts
  • Vertical configurations with front or back return-air discharge and top, front, or back supply-air discharge. Fan discharge on vertical unit sizes 072-120 is field convertible. Field conversion uses all existing parts, including panels and belts
  • Electric power entry points from either side of the front
  • Configurable water connections for left or right handling
  • Dual refrigeration circuits (all sizes)
  • Exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 efficiencies
  • Galvanized-steel cabinet construction
  • Insulated divider and separate compressor/air-handler compartments
  • TXV metering device
  • Standard hanger brackets for horizontal units
  • Premium-duty motor that is VFD compatible
  • Communicating Controls Powered by CXM2:
    • Multiple communication pathways for unit access and diagnosis:
      • Cloud-based remote monitoring via Wi-Fi communicating color-touchscreen thermostat
      • Connect directly to the system with a handheld service tool
    • Provides real-time unit operating conditions
    • Reduces startup, commissioning, and service time by providing key system temperatures electronically
    • Captures operating conditions in the event of a safety shutdown


  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) fan-motor controls (single-zone VAV compatible)
  • Blower motor/sheave drive packages
  • BACnet, Modbus, and Johnson Controls N2 compatibility options for Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Sound-absorbing UltraQuiet package
  • Coated air coil
  • Dual-point power
  • Waterside Economizer (WSE): requires the standard CXM2 and heat-pump thermostat with two-stage cooling
  • Extended-range insulation for geothermal applications
  • Motorized and modulating water valves for ultimate part-load operation


  • Wi-Fi communicating (AWC) thermostat with color touchscreen
  • Wide variety of thermostat options to meet your application needs
  • Various length braided-hose kits with optional water valve, PT plugs, blowdown valve, flow regulator, and strainer
  • Externally-mounted manual and motorized water valves
  • 1-inch Merv 8 filter
  • 2-inch Merv 8 or 13 filters
  • Aesthetically-pleasing wall sensors for connection to BMS (MPC) controls