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Geothermal Systems For Higher Education

ClimateMaster is working together with universities and colleges around the United States and around the globe in furthering higher education. ClimateMaster has an extensive track record of boosting sustainability in higher education, lowering energy and operational costs, reducing noise disruption and maximizing indoor air quality. These things go a long way toward improving student’s learning environments and living on campus comfortably.

Our wide array of heating and cooling solutions are perfect for multi- or single story school buildings with large common areas and/or hallways, and buildings with repeating floor plans.

Please take a look at our case studies to see how ClimateMaster’s geothermal systems are the best solution for higher educational facilities, students and administrators.

West Chester University, Anderson Hall

As part of a campus-wide sustainability initiative, West Chester University (WCU) of Pennsylvania began examining the various ways in which it could reduce energy consumption. At the time, WCU heated most of its North Campus buildings with steam supplied by a coal and oil-fired central plant. While still reasonably functional, the system was becoming increasingly costly in terms of maintaining the plant and its distribution system. In addition, the system’s environmental impact did not align with the University’s latest sustainability goals.

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East Stroudsburg University, Hemlock
and Hawthorn Suites

A recently completed 960-bed student housing project on the campus of East Stroudsburg University in northeastern Pennsylvania combines comfort, privacy and modern suite-style living with the latest in sustainable building practices. The $74 million project included construction of two residence halls owned by University Properties (UPI) – the 157,000-square-foot Hemlock Suites and the 173,000-square-foot Hawthorn Suites. The projects required heating and cooling units with removable chassis to allow staged installation, easy maintenance and minimal system downtime, at a reasonable cost.

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Metro Career Academy

Metro Technology Centers (Metro Tech), a five-campus career and technology education district serving the greater Oklahoma City area, supports a wide scope of curriculum opportunities for high school students, adults, and the business and industrial communities. Design and construction of Metro Tech’s latest building, a 54,000 square foot facility housing its Metro Career Academy (MCA) for at-risk high school students, incorporated a host of sustainable building and renewable energy aspects that resulted in its becoming Oklahoma’s first LEED®-certified CareerTech building by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

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The ultimate display of sustainability is to educate the next generation. After all, it’s the younger set who’ll be more conscious of our finite resources than today’s consumers. The Chewonki Foundation’s largest building, the Center for Environmental Education, received an interesting addition to its mechanical system last year. A portion of the building’s heating system was converted from fuel oil to an open-loop, water-to-water geothermal heat pump system. The retrofit is integrated with a data-logging unit which measures and records performance data.

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