FACT: Geothermal systems provide the most efficient, comfortable and environmentally friendly method of heating & cooling.

Trilogy 45 Q-Mode (QE)

trilogy-breakout-box-1The Trilogy 45 Q-Mode delivers unprecedented comfort and energy efficiency through a “Trilogy” of precision components: variable speed compressor, variable speed fan and variable speed loop pump.  You are always connected to this next generation technology through the internet-connected iGate® system.  The variable speed compressor and fan set new standards for controlling temperature and humidity by running at lower speeds for longer periods. The compressor also powers the Q-Mode hot water generator which further reduces your energy bills for years to come.

Highest Energy Savings and Energy Efficiency

trilogy-breakout-box-2The revolutionary, award winning new Trilogy 45 Q-Mode is the geothermal industry’s first fully variable geothermal heating and cooling system driven by  communicating controls to deliver the highest efficiencies money can buy. This variable technology allows the system to “slow down” to 30% of full speed or “ramp up” to 100% of full speed, to meet the heating, cooling and hot water demands of your home, delivering ultra-high efficiency and lowest operating costs.

ClimateMaster is Energy Star Most EfficientCombining the  savings of using the earth’s natural energy and optimizing operation using a fully-variable system, the Trilogy 45 Q-Mode delivers over 45 EER cooling energy efficiency and 5.1 COP heating efficiency – the highest efficiencies (and lowest energy costs) of any system on the market today.

In addition, Trilogy 45 Q-Mode has been designated as one of the Most Efficient ENERGY STAR certified products in 2018 for exceeding stringent efficiency requirements.

Of all energy usage in a home, domestic water heating consumes the 2nd highest amount per the latest DOE statistics. The Trilogy’s Q-Mode year-round, full-time water heating provides over 80% savings on hot water heating costs, operating at over 500% efficiency, compared to electric element or gas water heaters which deliver less than 100% efficiency. It’s the only system on the market that delivers all four modes (Q-Mode) – space cooling, space heating, hot water generation while space cooling and dedicated hot water even when the unit is not space cooling.

In addition to the highest efficiency hot water heating, Q-mode delivers additional savings of FREE cooling during the summer when the system is simultaneously cooling your home and generating hot water for domestic use.

igate-tankThe iGate® Smart Tank, the industry’s first communicating  water storage tank, can deliver all of your home’s hot water needs with five times the efficiency of a traditional electric water heater. Its high density foam insulation reduces heat losses more than any other water storage tank available.  With Smart control on the tank, the Trilogy controls the electric elements to be used only in extreme conditions, only when the heat pump cannot satisfy the hot water needs.

vFlowvFlow® internal variable water flow technology that moves the water through your geothermal loop, reduces water pumping power consumption by 60-80% compared to traditional external pumping modules, which can save and over $100 per year in an average 2,000 square foot home.


The Trilogy™45 Q-Mode won the prestigious International R&D Award for Innovation in 2013, which recognizes the top 100 innovations in the world each year. The Trilogy 45 Q-Mode is also a winner of numerous other industry awards for its ground-breaking efficiency and technology, including the AHR innovation Award in 2013 and ACHR NEWS Dealer Design Gold Award in 2012.


Highest Comfort

The Trilogy 45 Q-Mode also delivers the highest comfort driven by the first fully variable geothermal heating and cooling system. This variable technology significantly reduces spikes in temperature and humidity of your home by conditioning (heating/cooling) your home continuously, compared to traditional systems that turn on-and-off. The communicating system constantly monitors and compares the actual temperature and humidity with the desired levels to optimally deliver the most comfort at the lowest energy costs.


The Trilogy also produces hot water (full-time / year-round) at a rate much higher than water heaters using electric elements or natural gas, improving recovery when the hot water usage is high in your shower-head-climatemaster-geothermal-heat-pumphome, giving you  the comfort of knowing that you have a smaller chance of “running out” of hot water on those days when the usage is high.

The Trilogy™ 45 is so quiet, you will hardly know it is running. The system is designed to operate slowly and consistently, delivering ultra-quiet operation. Also, unlike quiet-girl-climatemaster-geothermal-heat-pumptraditional air source systems, there are no noisy outdoor fans to disturb you or your neighbors.

Unlike heat pumps on the market today that provide diminished comfort (capacity) as it gets extremely hot or cold outside,  Trilogy 45 speeds up to deliver full comfort (capacity) across the ENTIRE range of outdoor extremes.


iGate-Connect-Screens-climatemaster-geothermal-heat-pumpThe Trilogy offers the most convenient control of any system on the market today. Access to your system over the internet, email-alerts, ease of installation and ease of service are just some of the few benefits offered by the Trilogy system driven by iGate® internet-connected two-way communicating controls.

The industry leading iGate® 2 way communicating controls allows you and your dealer to monitor the performance of your unit, custom tailor its operation,  and diagnose any issues, all from your thermostat, over the internet or using a PC at the unit. iGate® Connect thermostat not only allows you to set your comfort preferences on the thermostat, it also connects your Trilogy system to the internet.

The iGate® Connect smart thermostat makes it easy for you to be comfortable when you are home, and save money when you are not. Set our comfort preferences, vacation schedules and maintenance reminders from our thermostat or from your secure, personal internet portal or mobile device. You can even set your hot water temperature from the convenience of your thermostat, instead of on the tank.


The iGate® dealer portal on the internet allows your ClimateMaster dealer more access to remote monitoring, configuration and diagnostics of  your unit, than any system on the market today. Your dealer can track almost every operation on the unit (like refrigerant, water and air – temperature, flow and pressure) and configure many aspects of your system, right from their office. Imagine the convenience and comfort you could enjoy, not having to wait for your dealer to visit your unit to check / adjust operation.

You can set email alerts on your iGate® thermostat or on the internet portal to remind you about maintenance items like changing filters. The iGate® system also constantly monitors operation and alerts your dealer and you if the unit is not operating properly, even before it becomes a problem.

no-flow-controller-climatemaster-geothermal-heat-pumpvFlow®, an industry exclusive feature with the water flow components built in to the unit, increases convenience by reducing installation time and installation complexity. vFlow® also reduces the need for balancing by automatically adjusting to multiple units on one loop.


With over 50 years of experience, ClimateMaster builds the highest quality systems in the industry, packed with innovation in both design and manufacturing. With an engineering team with decades of experience designing and building geothermal systems and ISO qualified manufacturing process, ensure you are getting the most reliable product you can buy.

igate-logo-climatemaster-geothermal-heat-pumpControlled by the industry leading iGate® system, the Trilogy always operates in the optimal range, extending the life and reliability of the system. The Trilogy has the most safeties that protect the unit from operation in harmful ways. By alerting your dealer before a problem occurs, your dealer can solve the POTENTIAL problem before it becomes a real problem.

warranty-climatemaster-geothermal-heat-pumpYour peace of mind is further enhanced with a 10 year limited warranty on parts and 5 year limited labor allowance, with option of extending the labor allowance to 10 years.


plant-money-climatemaster-geothermal-heat-pumpInstalling a Trilogy geothermal system in your home is an investment in your personal energy independence. It pays you back for years to come with energy savings, not only from the ultra-reliable Trilogy unit, but, loops in the ground that are designed to operate over 50 years.

With the lowest operating costs that more than offset the higher cost of the unit, the Trilogy offers one of the best paybacks in the geothermal industry.

Remember – investing in a Trilogy geothermal system will yield returns through energy savings for generations to come.