FACT: Geothermal systems provide the most efficient, comfortable and environmentally friendly method of heating & cooling.

Tranquility Brazed Plate Series (TBW)

The TBW Water-to-Water series offers a wide range of units for most any installation with an extended range refrigerant circuit, intended for ground loop (geothermal) applications only. As ClimateMaster’s most adaptable EarthPure® HFC-410A refrigerant units, the TBW Series can be used for radiant floor heating, snow/ice melt, chilled water for fan coils, potable hot water generation, hot/chilled water for make-up air, and many other types of HVAC applications.

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Unit Features

Lower Energy and Utility Bills

  • Efficiency saves on your utility bills.
  • Radiant floor heating proponents claim that fuel savings of 15% to 20% over forced-air systems are possible.
  • Radiant floor heating allows for lower water temperatures, which uses less energy and lowers utility bills.
  • Water-to-water units can also provide chilled water for distribution to small fan coil units for zoned forced-air cooling.

Maximum Comfort

  • With radiant heating, the room heats from the floor bottom up, warming feet and body first and flooring radiates heat for a long period of time.
  • The system is “invisible” meaning there are no registers, baseboard units, or radiators to obstruct furniture arrangements, wall décor, and interior design plans.
  • Radiant systems may result in less infiltration of outside air into the house compared to houses with forced-air heating.
  • Radiant floor heating is ductless and very quiet.
  • Independent zoning gives you more control.
  • Copeland™ high efficiency scroll compressor allows efficient operation.
  • Roughly 75-80 percent of heat supplied comes directly from the earth itself, and is clean, free and renewable.
  • Little or no CO2 emissions help prevent global warming.

Homeowner Satisfaction

  • Compressors are mounted on vibration isolation springs and heavy gauge mounting plate, which is then isolated from the cabinet base with rubber grommets for ultra quiet operation.
  • Fully insulated water and refrigerant lines and compressor section as well as stackable powder coated steel cabinet make it built to last.
  • Equipment requires smaller installation footprint than a standard boiler installation.
  • The unit can be matched to another system for air conditioning, if needed.
  • There’s no combustion chamber to maintain and clean.
  • There’s no risk of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.
  • Fewer moving parts provide greater reliability.