FACT: With more than 1 million units in American homes today and ClimateMaster leading the way, that number just keeps growing.

Tranquility® Water-To-Water Series

ClimateMaster Tranquility® Water-To-Water Systems are ideal for hydronic heating and domestic hot water generation in both new construction and retrofit applications. These include space heating, pool heating, radiant floor heating, snow/ice melt, and potable hot water generation.  Additional information on these hydronic heating systems can be found below.

Tranquility® Medium Temperature (TMW)

  • 16.4 EER/3.1 COP
  • 1-Stage Compressor
  • Non-Communicating Controls
  • Generates Hot and Chilled Water
  • Brochure

Tranquility® High Temperature (THW)

  • 3.3 COP
  • 1-Stage Compressor
  • Communicating Controls
  • Generates Hot Water Only
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