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ClimateMaster Expands Commercial Product Line
with Waterside Economizer

OKLAHOMA CITY, March 3, 2016 - ClimateMaster now provides its Tranquility® Compact (TC) Series water-source heat pump unit with a waterside economizer option, providing both energy efficiency and energy savings to building owners. Available in 1/2- to 5-ton capacities, multiple cabinet configurations and efficiencies to meet new ASHRAE building standards, the Tranquility Compact (TC) Series extends its application with the new waterside economizer.

Adding the waterside economizer provides "free" cooling when conditions permit, increasing both energy and monetary savings. When the conditions are met along with a demand for cooling, the economizer works by running chilled water from the building loop through an internal coil system. As air is then drawn through the coil, the heat pump compressor is shut off and cooling is entirely provided by the economizer, minimizing energy use.

As the paired unit, ClimateMaster's TC Series has an extended-range refrigerant circuit, capable of ground loop applications, ground water applications and water loop (boiler-tower) applications. Standard features include microprocessor controls, a galvanized steel cabinet, epoxy powder coat-painted front access panels, a galvanized steel with epoxy powder coat-painted drain pan and TXV refrigerant metering devices.

Vertical unit configurations are ordered with top, left, or right return air options and top discharge options. Horizontal unit configurations are ordered with left or right return air options with field convertible discharge air arrangements. The smaller TC footprint allows the unit to be installed in tight spaces, which can make a difference in major construction or a simple unit change-out.

ClimateMaster Rolls Out Addition to Tranquility 30 Digital (TE) Series Heat Pump Line. Read more here.

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ClimateMaster announces the launch of its Tranquility® Vertical Stack - Ducted (TSL) Series ducted heat pump unit, which is the first and only vertical stack product for ducted applications on the market today. Providing a simple, cost-effective approach to installing ducted stacked units, the ClimateMaster TSL Series also provides independent metering capabilities for a wide scope of building applications, including office, education, hospitality and multi-family projects. Read the press release here.

ClimateMaster announces the launch of its Tranquility® Vertical Stack (TSM) Series heat pump units, offering simple, cost-effective installation combined with the industry's highest energy performance in the vertical stack product category. Available in ¾- through 3-ton capacities, the units are engineered to provide energy-efficient heating and cooling as part of either boiler/cooling tower or geothermal heating and cooling systems. Read the press release here.

ClimateMaster is proud to announce the expansion of our Tranquility® Modular Water-to-Water (TMW) Series. Now available in 30-ton and 50-ton sizes, we have expanded to product line to include a 70-ton unit. The TMW Series offers industry leading efficiency and capacity with advanced features, quiet operation and application flexibility all at competitive prices. Read the press release here.

ClimateMaster releases the Tranquility® High Efficiency Two Stage Compact (TZ) Series. Read the press release here.

ClimateMaster is now offering the Tranquility® Compact Belt Drive (TC) Series in sizes 160 (13.3 tons), 192 (16 tons), 240 (20 tons) and 300 (25 tons). These sizes are only available in a vertical cabinet.

ClimateMaster announced an efficiency breakthrough with introduction of the TrilogyTM 40 series, the first geothermal heat pumps ever certified by the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) to exceed 40 EER at ground-loop (GLHP) conditions.‚ Read the press release here.

Former contractor and current president of ClimateMaster, Dan Ellis, talks about his journey in the business and the future of geothermal. Listen to the podcast from theNEWS.

New vertical option available for the Tranquility® Compact Belt Drive (TC) Series.

ClimateMaster AIA (American Institute of Architects) Courses Now Available.

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