Trilogy® 45 Q-Mode Series (QE)trilogy-45-q-mode-upflow

  • 45 EER/5.1 COP
  • Q-Mode Technology
  • vFlow® Internal Variable Water Flow Control
  • iGate® Communicating Controls
  • Variable Speed ECM Indoor Fan
  • Vertical, Horizontal (field convertible discharge), and Downflow Configurations

Only dealers who have been trained on both the following classes in the past two years can sell the Trilogy:

  1. CM202 Service Installation Class
  2. Trilogy Training Class


Consumer Literature Part # Revision Date
Consumer Brochure RP943 4/18/16
Trilogy Cut Sheet RP944 4/18/16
All Product Guide RP917 4/18/16
iGate® Connect T-stat Cut Sheet RP948 4/18/16
Technical Literature
Product Catalog RP945 1/27/17
IOM 97B0112N01 2/11/16
Trilogy Service Tool Fault Codes (.pdf) 10/12/17
Trilogy Service Tool Fault Codes (.xls) 10/12/17
Service Tool Software (USB adapter and cable required, PN – ASVCTOOL01)
Service Tool Setup ( 2/5/16
Service Tool Instructions 2/24/16
If you have recently updated your operating system to Windows 10, you may have to update the driver for the USB to RS-485 adapter/dongle that connects your computer to the control board. Click here to update.
Board Program Updates
Trilogy EXM Board Update (EXM_U1_v0203.hex) 6/15/16
Trilogy EXM Board Update (EXM_U2_v0203.hex) 6/15/16
Trilogy EXM Board Software Release Notes (v2.03.txt) 6/15/16
Hot Water Tank WXM Board Update (WXM_U1_v0101.hex) 2/2/16
Hot Water Tank WXM Board Software Release Notes 2/2/16
Thermostat Literature
iGate® Connect Thermostat Installation Manual 97B0117N02 3/24/16
iGate® Connect Thermostat User Manual 97B0117N01 3/2/16
iGate® Smart Tank Literature
iGate® Smart Tank Installation Manual 97B0115N01 7/6/15
iGate® Smart Tank Cut Sheet RP947 4/19/16
iGate® ClimaZone Zoning Panel Literature
iGate® ClimaZone Zoning Panel Installation Manual 97B0117N03 3/3/16
iGate® ClimaZone Zoning Panel Cut Sheet RP1009 2/6/16
Accessory Literature
Accessories Product Catalog RP1008 2/9/16
Auxiliary Electric Heat IOM 97B0005N04 2/12/16
EarthPure IAQ Cut Sheet RP879 4/19/16
EarthPure IAQ IOM 2/11
EarthPure IAQ Pad Replacement IOM 7/10
EarthPure IAQ Warranty Card 8/9/10
GeoDesigner 3.4.5 Beta
GeoDesigner® 3.4.5 Beta 5/2/14
GeoElite Sales Proposal Software
GeoElite Sales Proposal Software 3/21/14
Trilogy Troubleshooting Apps
Trilogy Troubleshooter
Thermister Calculator (T-Calc)
Trilogy Videos
Introduction Video
ClimateMaster Trilogy 45 Q Mode Series Introduction-HD.mp4 Download link (11.4MB) 2/13/15
Start Up

Start-Up Procedures for Trilogy 45 Q-Mode with Hot Water Mode


How to Replace an Inverter Drive Board in a Trilogy Unit


Replacement Procedure for Grundfos Flow and Temp Sensor and the Pressure and Temp Sensorgrundfos-temp-sensor-video

Flushing Procedures for vFlow® with iGate® Connect
and EXM Circuit Board


iGate Climazone Training
Trilogy Service Tool: Bootloader for Firmware Updates

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