Tranquility® Digital Air Handler (TAH)

  • iGate® Communicating Controls (AXM Board)
  • 4-Wire connection to Thermostat and TES/TEP
  • Variable Speed Indoor Fan
  • Compatible with TTS/TTP
  • Fully Convertible Vertical Upflow or Downflow or Horizontal Left or Right Air Flow
Consumer Literature Part # Revision Date
Digital Split Consumer Brochure RP918 2/11/16
TAH Cut Sheet RP849 4/25/16
All Product Guide RP917 01/13/16
Geothermal Concept RP002 2/11/16
Technical Literature
Digital Split Product Catalog RP1003 2/11/16
TAH IOM 97B0048N07 2/11/16
TAH Replacement Coil Installation Instructions 97B0125N01 2/16/16
TAC/TAH LT2 Thermistor Field Kit Installation Instructions 97B0124N01 01/05/16
Thermostat Literature
ACDU03 Communicating Service Tool Operation Manual 97B0106N01 11/3/17
ATC32U03 Installation Manual 97B0055N03 11/3/17
ATC32U03 User Manual 97B0055N02 11/3/17
ATP32U03/04 IOM 5/10/11
ATA22U01 IOM 3/24/10
Accessory Literature
Accessories Product Catalog RP1008 2/11/16
Communicating Blower Motor Troubleshooting Manual RP921 1/4/13
UltraCheck-EZ Diagnostic Tool Guide RP916 8/4/12
EarthPure IAQ Cut Sheet RP879 4/19/16
EarthPure IAQ IOM 2/22/12
EarthPure IAQ Pad Replacement IOM 5/10/11
EarthPure IAQ Warranty Card 8/9/10
Auxiliary Electric Heat IOM 97B0005N04 2/12/16
Secure Start IOM 97B0103N01 1/13/12