Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletin Bulletin # Applicable Products Publication Date
E-Coated Air Coils TBJ017 All W2A units with E-Coated Air Coils 8/9/12
Split Units Charge Volume TBJ014 TTS & TTP units paired with TAC or TAH units built prior to serial # N144* 2/22/11
Stainless Steel Drain Pan TBJ012 TTV/D, TSV/D, and all other vertical up-flow and down-flow units equipped with a stainless steel drain pan 1/11/10
R-22 Units with TXVs TBJ011 All R-22 units with TXVs 10/6/09
ATP32U01 & ATA32U01 Multi-Stage Operation TBJ008D ATP32U01 & ATA32U01 thermostats configured for multi-stage operation 7/24/08
FP1 & FP2 Sensor Calibration  TBJ005 All units 9/11/07
TT & TS Supply Voltage Terminals TBJ004 TT & TS units with 208/230 & 265 single phase voltage; serial numbers K108*-K115* shipped 3/5/07-4/12/07 4/18/07
CXM P1 Connector Failure TBJ003 Unit serial #’s G148*-J126* built 11/14/05-6/30/05.¬† Effected CXM boards’ date code range: 0548-0627 12/20/06
ATP32U01, ATP32U01, ATA32U01 Aux Electric Heat Failure TBJ002C All thermostats with a date code of 3506 or before 10/20/06
ATA32U01 & ATP32U01 Backup Heat Configuration TBJ001 All ATA32U01 & ATP32U01 thermostats shipped before 7/19/06 7/24/06
GS Refrigerant Leak at Compressor Discharge Tube Connection TBG007 GS015 & GS018 5/10/06
R-22 to R-407C Refrigerant Changeover Guidelines R-22 Units 6/05
AGM12A Aux Electric Heater Terminal Wiring TBG006 AGM12A Aux Electric Heaters 6/10/05
TXV Diagnostic and Replacement Guidelines TBG004 All units with TXVs 4/18/05
Loop Pump Circuit Breaker Failure TBG002 Units within serial # range F132* to F152* 2/23/05
Tranquility Ultratech Modulation Verification Procedure TBG001 Serial # range 04I – 04L 2/2/05
Compressor Amperage Table TBG001 2/05
Auxiliary Heat Low-Voltage Harness Miswiring TBF006 11/24/04
Effects of Ultra-Violet on Cathodic Epoxy Electro-Coating TBF001 All residential air coils 2/11/04
ICM Variable Speed Blower Motor Troubleshooting TBE0001 All units containing ICM blower motors 7/29/03
GSV, GSH, GSS Shipping Bolts TBE0002 GSV, GSH, & GSS Series 8/25/03
Code 7 Shutdowns 7/29/03
Hot Water Generator Concentric Fitting  6/1/03
Honeywell Thermostat Overshoot All ATA21H01 Thermostats 10/1/02
Refrigerant Leak Detection TBD0001 3/02
Equipment Use During New Construction/Remodeling TBC0002 12/28/01
Pressurized Loop Leak Verification TBC0001 9/10/01