GeoDesigner® Software

GeoDesigner® software is an indispensable tool for correctly sizing geothermal heat pumps and earth loops.  In addition to its ability to help design the system, GeoDesigner® is also a great selling tool.  Using this software, you can demonstrate operating cost scenarios to your customer and set yourself apart from the competition.

Download GeoDesigner Software

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GeoDesigner 3.3.06 Overview

Revision 3.3.06 extends the system design and analysis capabilities of GeoDesigner to the leading edge of modern residential heating and cooling technology.  Advanced technologies like vFlow® variable water flow, new digital units (TZ, TE), splits (TES, TEP) matched with a TAH air handler and pumping watts related to vFlow® have been incorporated in this revision.  Additionally, Metric mode has been added under the set up menu and 98% efficient gas furnaces have been added for system comparisons.

New for GeoDesigner 3.3.06

  • Added new geo models including TES-TAH, TEP-TAH, TZ Revision B (024, 036, 060), TT Revision B/C (30 EER)
  • Added 98 AFUE modulating furnaces
  • Added folder of average utility rate files for each state/province based on data from EIA (US), NRCAN and other sources
  • Updated help file
  • Option to disable use of inactive (non-current) geo models
  • Pumping watts for closed-loops updated to actual  pump performance instead of using the default AHRI/ISO wire-to-water efficiency of 30%
    • “Digital” vFlow® models (TZ, TE, TES-TAH, TEP-TAH) based on Grundfos Magna GEO
    • all other models based on Grundfos UP26-99 (1 or 2 as required)
    • all models based on high flow (3 gpm/ton) and actual unit press drop at 30F (-1 C) plus 20 ft (6m) of head for loop
    • “Digital” vFlow® models vary flow rate with capacity stage
  • Pumping watts updated for open-loops
    • remains based on total lift plus delivery pressure of 40 psi (6.9 kPA) and default AHRI/ISO 30% wire to water efficiency
    • all models based on low flow (1.5 gpm/ton)
    • “Digital” vFlow® models vary flow rate with capacity stage
  • Metric mode option
    • full metric (SI) or user customized to independently select degree F or C, Btu or kW, or feet or meters
    • natural gas units choice of GJ or m3
    • user selectable currency identifier
    • Added email and cell phone to client information
    • Added specific contact to dealer information including name, email and cell phone
  • Updated unit graphics

Program Features

  • Uses standard ACCA Manual J or ASHRAE loads input
  • Climate table featuring over 200 North American cities
  • Extensive report capability with color graphing
  • All heat pump types support electric or fossil auxiliary heat
  • Unlimited storage for utility rate profiles
  • Compares operating costs of up to three different systems in one report
  • Over 25 pre-configured closed loop layouts plus well water (open loop)
  • Eight soil types with comprehensive description
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Supports single stage, two stage, and split heat pump models
  • Features automatic or manual geothermal loop sizing
  • Hybrid closed-loop and well water combinations possible with dual circuit units
  • Uses ASHRAE algorithms for alternative system performance that includes:
  • Natural gas furnaces and boilers with A/C
  • Propane furnaces and boilers with A/C
  • Fuel oil furnaces and boilers with A/C
  • Electric furnaces with A/C
  • Air source heat pumps with electric or fossil auxiliary heat

System Requirements

  • Windows 95 or higher
  • Any x86 class processor higher processor
  • Minimum of 32M RAM
  • Minimum 25M of program disk space

Running GeoDesigner on Vista

If there is an error when starting GeoDesigner in Vista the first time then:

Navigate to and open the GeoDesigner folder in the “c:\program files” directory Right Click on the ged32.exe icon Choose “Run As Administrator”

This only needs to be done once.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I not print reports?

It is possible that the Report Print Options are note selected. Please go to “Reports” menu, check “Print Options” and make sure you have checked the appropriate reports he would like printed. Also you may not have picked the intended printer – please check that you have selected the correct printer.

GeoDesigner is not installing on my computer

It is possible that an older version of GeoDesigner is interfering with installation of a newer version.  Please try the following steps:

  • If GeoDesigner is installed go to “Programs and Features” from the Control Panel and uninstall GeoDesigner.
  • Go to the “Program Files” folder on hard drive. Find and delete two folders named “ClimateMaster Project Manager” and “Access 97 Runtime”. (These are “remnants” of the GeoDesigner program. This step may not be necessary, but it ensures there was no trace of the previous GeoDesigner on your computer.
  • Reboot computer
  • Go to the and download the latest version
  • Locate the downloaded GeoDesigner, right click, and select Properties.
  • Click the Compatibility tab.
  • Select “Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 3). Also check the box under Privilege Level to Run this program as administrator. Hit Apply, then hit OK
  • Run the install file.